July 29, 2023
3 PM First Match | City Walk - Birmingham, AL

July 29, 2023
3 PM First Match
City Walk - B'ham, AL

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As with every city across the U.S., pickleball is exploding in Birmingham, AL and same as everywhere else, young professionals are clinging to the sport but have no real way to test their abilities without getting SUPER serious about competitions. Enter Hops 'n Drops.

Hops 'n Drops is a doubles tournament-style pickleball mixer for players looking to be a big time part of the good time gang. That’s right, no experience OR ranking needed. Through this format, we hope to give anyone from the beginner to the tournament-ready players a chance to test their drops while indulging in the hops.

Registration Fee - $35/person
(t-shirt and drink ticket included)

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The Divisions

The Hops vs. The Drops

You’ve played a couple of games and know the game, but this is your first time being competitive. You’re here to play, but first and most importantly, you’re here to have fun and you might even be indulging in the hops (hey, we’re not judging).
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This isn’t your first rodeo, you might even have a few tournaments under your belt. You want to test your skills in a safe and friendly environment, or you’re pretty good but can’t turn down a chance to pickle. You’re more focused on the drops than the hops - but won’t say no to a hop or two.
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Disclaimer: Teams should only compete in their appropriate skill level in order for everyone to enjoy the most of the tournament, I.e. players should not be playing up or down a skill level. The honor system will be used here. Weighted teams in inappropriate levels may be subject to disqualification.

Tournament Brackets

Download Hops Division Bracket
Download Drops Division Bracket
The Experience
We’re not here for a long time, but we’re here for a good time. Just joining the pickleball community and looking for some fun? We’ve got the mixer for you! While the drops are happening on the court, indulge in some hops from City Walk’s brand new beer garden located right beside the courts. We’ll also have music going, vendors and more, all building to make one awesome experience.

The Rules

Join in on the fun and secure your team’s spot now. To officially register, have both you and your partner fill out the registration form.
Registration Fee - $35/person (t-shirt and drink ticket included)

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